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Solid State Battery: Innovative Technology that will Change the World

Solid State Battery: Innovative Technology that will Change the World

Solid State Battery

Solid state battery has been a long awaited technology and it is expected that solid state battery will change the world. It is treated as a long awaited revolution in energy and this technology is considered as safer and efficient. Solid state battery will affect power tools, toys, laptops, smartphones, medical devices, spacecraft and vehicle designs. They are referred as upcoming innovation in the realm of battery technology and advancements in solid state battery increased significantly in the recent years. It is clear that solid state battery is a transformative technology and solid state batteries are equipped with a solid electrolyte that inhibits the growth of harmful crystalline structures. This battery has a higher energy density, the risk of fires is reduced and it takes up less space.

Powerful Features of 18650 Battery

Battery refers to a collection of one or more cells that undergoes chemical reactions to build the flow of electrons within a circuit. An excellent battery charger provides the base for batteries that are robust and perform quite well. 18650 battery is equipped with powerful features like high energy density and longer working time. Excellent antiexplosion protection and circuit protection are the splendid features of 18650 battery.

Lithium ion battery is better than traditional batteries since they charge faster, last longer, and they have a very higher power density. The major objective of battery charging car is to provide electric current to the starting motor which starts the internal combustion engine. Panasonic Eneloop Pro, Amazon Basics and EBL belong to the category of best rechargeable batteries. C Battery is a multipurpose alkaline battery that is great for powering everyday devices that require additional power. D battery provides suitable power for different devices like toys and flashlights and they are alkaline batteries capable of powering devices. They are referred as best alkaline proposition for high drain devices and regularly used devices.

Applications of Solid State Battery in Space Technology

Alkaline batteries best for powering devices with extra performance for high drain devices are called as AAA battery. The exquisite feature of Samsung solid state battery is that it can be charged and discharged over 1000 times with a range of 805 kilometre per charge. Solid state batteries will have profound applications in future space technology and companies like Volkswagen, Ford, BMW, Hyundai, and Toyota have invested millions of dollars in solid state batteries. QuantumScape, the company backed by Bill Gates, has produced solid state batteries with layers of ceramic resistant to dendrite growth and it can operate in very low temperatures.

It has been reported that Toyota is planning release of vehicles with solid state batteries by 2025. The amazing thing about solid state batteries is that it can be produced with eco-friendly materials like sodium. The solid state battery makes use of solid electrolyte and the solid electrolyte plays the role of a separator.

Increased safety and improved stability with solid structure are the key advantages of solid state battery. The first and foremost objective of solid state battery is to increase the capacity of EV(Electric Vehicle) batteries.

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