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Tag - Logistics - business, technology updates and news

Delivery Logistics: Altered Images of Multibillion Dollar Business

The delivery of food and household items has become one of the most competitive sectors of the contemporary age. It has been reported that every week has brought fresh news of large scale funding announcement and the launch of a new service in the delivery logistics sector. The transition of food and online delivery to online or mobile in the upcoming years will create plethora of opportunities in the delivery logistics sector. Smartphone penetration has made it possible for anyone to become a courier and startups can build delivery fleets at a fraction of the cost incurred previously.

Food Delivery Startups as Rapidly Growing Segments of Business

Food near me, fast food near me, and food delivery near me are the buzzwords in food delivery logistics of today. Take out and food delivery will eat away at the dominance of traditional grocery retailers. It is expected that food delivery equipped with high quality, ready to be eaten food, delivered in less than thirty minutes will become the rapidly growing segment of business in the near future. Food delivery services, the world of delectable taste, has become the hub of passionate foodies. Every successful food delivery service and takeout food depict the spirit of tasty food from gavel to gavel.

The ecommerce major Amazon has emerged as a major player in the delivery of food and household items. Amazon Fresh is a prominent competitor to other grocery delivery services and customers can simply shop, schedule a delivery date, and wait for groceries to reach home. It is a well known fact that top rated companies like Amazon, Uber and Door Dash have changed the delivery of food and household items using technology. Amazon Fresh offers distinct range of food options including gluten free food to vegan choices. Amazon Restaurants is another popular food delivery offering from the ecommerce tycoon and it allows Amazon Prime members to order food from well known eateries.

Managed Marketplaces as the Superior Model for Consumers

It is expected that food delivery services will eventually take market share from other ways of obtaining food. Managed marketplaces are the superior model for consumers as far as online food delivery services are concerned. Online food delivery services are highly scalable which have experienced remarkable growth within a very short time span. Recent generation of restaurant marketplaces like Doordash focused on bringing extra traffic and orders to the restaurant and managing the delivery for them. On demand marketplaces in the food delivery space benefit from stronger barriers to entry and scale advantage.

The amazing feature of on demand marketplaces is that they can offer wide range of restaurants and price points that software only marketplaces can’t offer. Choice for convenience and highly curated experience are excellent features offered by meal delivery startups. The on-demand marketplaces offer the best overall value for customer money due to food variety and reliable delivery experience. On demand marketplaces offer the best value proposition for the customer and large choice and reliable delivery experience punctuate a typical meal delivery startup. Consumer expectations will increase rapidly as on demand services and last mile delivery options expand.

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