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The Immense Potential of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

The Immense Potential of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Artificial Intelligence Redefining Healthcare in an Innovative Way

It is expected that artificial intelligence will become a transformational force in healthcare and patients and healthcare providers will get immensely benefitted from the impact of AI powered tools. AI in healthcare drives improvements across the care continuum and it offers plethora of advantages over traditional analytics and clinical decision making techniques. Artificial Intelligence in healthcare paves the way towards gaining unprecedented insights into diagnostics, care processes, patient outcomes and treatment variability.

The top ways artificial intelligence revolutionize healthcare include unifying machine through brain computer interfaces, developing the next generation of radiology tools, expanding access to care in developing regions, reducing the burden of electronic health record use, containing the risks of antibiotic resistance, creating precise analytics for pathology images, bringing intelligence to medical devices, advancing the use of immunotherapy for cancer treatment, turning the electronic health record into an efficient risk predictor, monitoring health through wearables and making smartphone selfies into powerful diagnostic tools.

It is clear beyond any doubt of dispute that the association of AI and healthcare offers diverse experiential benefits. Artificial Intelligence experts of the contemporary age are busy with future proofing innovative AI health solutions.

The Power of Brain Computer Interfaces

Building direct interfaces between technology and human mind without the need for keyboards, mice and monitors is a cutting edge area of research that has some excellent applications for some patients. Brain computer interfaces power packed with artificial intelligence could restore patients’ ability to speak, move and interact. An amazing benefit of brain computer interfaces is that it could improve quality of life for patients with ALS, stroke, locked-in syndrome and people suffering from spinal cord injuries. AI health will enable the next generation of radiology tools that are accurate and detailed enough to replace tissue samples obtained through biopsies. Artificial intelligence and healthcare empower providers to better define the aggressiveness of cancers and target treatments more properly.

The Importance of AI Imaging Tools

Artificial Intelligence in health is helpful in enabling virtual biopsies and advance the rapidly evolving field of radiomics, which concentrates on harnessing image based algorithms to characterize the phenotypes and genetic properties of tumours. AI for health can mitigate the deficit of qualified medical professional by taking over some of the diagnostic duties assigned to human beings. It has been pointed out that AI imaging tools can screen chest X rays for signs of tuberculosis and it achieves a level of accuracy comparable to humans. This capability can be effectively deployed through an app available to providers in low resource areas and it eliminates the need for onsite trained diagnostic radiologist. Electronic Health Record developers are now using Artificial Intelligence to create more intuitive interfaces and automate routine processes.

The clinical documentation process can be improved by voice recognition, dictation and natural language processing. According to prominent artificial intelligence experts, upcoming years will bring virtual assistants to the bedside for clinicians to use with embedded intelligence for order entry. Infection control and antibiotic resistance are two illustrious applications of Artificial Intelligence in healthcare. AI can improve productivity by identifying features of interest in slides before a human clinician reviews the data.

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